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The Nearly Nekkid Esthetics Studio Experience

Nearly Nekkid Esthetics Studio has been serving the Greater Sudbury area since 2020. Founded by Terri Bedard, Nearly Nekkid Esthetics Studio provides services to both men and woman, to help make everyone feel beautiful in thier own skin. 

We exclusivly use Alexandria Professional products for all sugaring services. We also use Alexandria Professional products for  all of our pre service treatments, and the majority of our post service treatments, with the exception of introducing Fur Oil into our line up.  

While my studio may be new, sugaring practices have been referenced as far back as 1900BC! Its been noted to have originated in Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Greece. It has been found that sugaring is one of the safest, most effective ways to permanent hair reduction. 

I am proud to say that my paste used in every sugar appointment is made with 3 simple ingredients: water, sugar and lemon. The sugar paste I use is so clean, you can actually eat it! With it being all natural and organic, it is safe to use on every body, and every skin type. 

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Your Sugarist


I started my journey into the sugar industry in the late part of 2019, starting with my education. Upon researching which company I wanted to represent, I found Alexandria Professional and felt that their products, and values, were ones I wanted to work with. 

I myself have been waxed and have shaved for a number of years, and always struggled with ingrown hair, and the discomfort with the heat of the service. I still find that waxing is painful, and still to this day, causes me discomfort with the ingrowns I face after a service. Not to mention that pesky razor burn when I shave! I decided for myself many years ago to change from shaving and waxing to sugaring services. When I moved to Val Caron in 2014, my life mostly consisted of working on the road. I was able to find sugaring services pretty easily. When I decided to come off the road and live in our home, I couldnt find anyone offering sugaring! I had to go back to wax and razors. With that, I decided that I wanted to start offering sugaring services to our community, and yes(!), to myself! 

My biggest goal in my studio is to have my clients feel comfortable and confident. I promote body positivity, and enjoy being able to offer a safe, inviting, judgement free, private space for my clients to feel at ease, during their services. I also respect that my clients may just need a quiet appointment, with little to no chatting. Some days, we just need to be able to sit quietly, and enjoy a service, while being able to reflect on something else that has been on our minds. Should this be the case for your appointment, please, don't hesitate to ask me to change the tunes to something a little more relaxing, and have a quiet appointment. The time you spend on my table is about you, and only you. 

While it has been a struggle opening an esthetics studio in the middle of the pandemic, it has also been so rewarding. I have met so many wonderful humans in our community, and have developed friendships with many of my clients. For that, I will always be grateful! 

P.S. You will all get to meet my lil sidekick Otis (also featured in the photo) :)